Six Times Your Small Business Might Need a Lawyer

If you run a small business, you may at some point need to hire a lawyer to help with a problem your facing. If you’re unsure at what point you need to hire a lawyer, this guide will help you figure that out. Below, are five instances where your small business might need to hire a lawyer.

1. You’re Structuring Your Business

Among the first parts of creating a small business is figuring out how to structure it legally. You can choose to label yourself as an LLC, partnership, nonprofit, or corporation. However, the decision of how you structure yourself will determine your tax responsibilities, personal liabilities, expenses, and how you can obtain funding. It’s usually best to speak with a Chicago business lawyer to determine which structure would be best for your business and help you file the right documents.


2. Someone Filed a Complaint Against Your Business

If someone is filing a complaint against your business, especially a government entity, you need to have a good lawyer to help win your case. Although suits can vary case to case, it’s still important to get the help from a business lawyer, no matter how small it is. For example, you should get help from a lawyer if the IRS sends back your tax return or if an employee filed a suit against you for unfair wages or work hours. No matter the case, a business lawyer will be able to help protect your business.

3. Dealing with Employee Issues

There are some situations in which you may want to consider getting a lawyer for employee-based issues. A few examples follow:

4. You’re Creating a New Contract

When you run a small business, you’re going to need to draft a few contracts in your life, whether it be a client, freelancer, or employee. Fortunately for you, a business lawyer can help draft your contacts and prevent you from getting into trouble.

5. Filing for a Trademark

Trademarks are a powerful and valuable piece of intellectual property. According to these trademark experts, if a competitor infringes on your marks (uses them unlawfully) it could do damage to your business or your bottom line. A trademark lawyer can assist with pursuing an infringement suit, or helping you file the appropriate paperwork to register your trademark in the first place.

6. Environmental Issues Impacting Your Business

If environmental issues are affecting or involve your small business, you’re going to need to hire an appropriate lawyer. These kinds of issues usually involve waste disposal, emissions, the creation of raw materials, and manufacturing. In some cases, you are the sole party affected, in which you still need to hire a lawyer. For example, buying land and realizing there are complications. You will need to hire a business lawyer and sue the seller of the land and make them solely responsible for the problem.


There are plenty of reasons why you may need to hire a lawyer for your small business. Although not everyone suffers from the same situations, you are probably going to need one just to start your business. Hopefully, with the help of our guide, you can better prepare yourself for the future and prepare yourself with a lawyer.